Our vision is to build a decentralized city for creators.

Cabin is an experiment in the future of cities: decentralized physical nodes tied together by a shared culture, economy, and governance structure.

Some trees backlit by a sunrise

What defines a city?

When you think of cities, you may think of the boulevards of Paris or the skyscrapers of New York. But that's just the stage. Today, creativity and social interactions have increasingly shifted online—breaking geographic boundaries once held by traditional cities. Now, it's not the place that matters so much, but the density of creative ideas and interesting people residing in that space that define a city.

First step: building bridges and becoming an embassy

DAOs today are somewhat like disparate nations, all working toward goals of decentralization, innovation and new forms of collaboration, but operating in distinct silos. As a first step toward building a global decentralized city, Cabin will build bridges both online and IRL for DAO operators to collaborate and further their individual projects.

People sitting around a table solving problems

What it means to be an embassy for DAOs

Establishing embassies and ambassadorships to foster DAO to DAO collaboration

Hosting conferences, retreats, and events to bring DAO operators together IRL at Cabin nodes

Building products and tooling that support the development of the DAO ecosystem

Meet up and collaborate in Texas Hill Country