Create and mint NFTs for membership—without the tech stuff

Why Passports?

NFTs are the best way to grant and manage membership, but until now have been mired in complicated contracts and messy manual tracking. And while you may be web3 tech savvy, your growing community may not. You need a simple and effective way to grant access that reduces friction and seamlessly onboards new members. With NFT Passports, we're changing what's possible for on-chain membership, giving you one place to easily create, mint, and manage your membership NFTs—no fancy tech stuff required.

Represent membership without tokens

Keep your community on-chain without worrying about securities regulations, airdrops, or inaccessible token prices. NFT Passports avoid these issues entirely by giving members a simple way to represent membership while leaving you the flexibility to use tokens for governance, incentives, or other purposes.

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Control content and access

Easily onboard and classify new and existing members. Whether your community is open to anyone, or you want to keep some parts private, NFT Passports give you the flexibility to create NFTs for public, gated, and even paid memberships.

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Mint and manage in one place

Mint and manage your NFT Passports in one location. Your use of NFT Passports includes a user-friendly stable link for public minting, so you won’t need to worry about building a custom front-end for your contracts. And your management is centralized, too, with a private dashboard where you can create new and see all existing NFTs in one place without having to wade through Etherscan.

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Core Features

Create and mint NFTs

Whether you have a single membership tier or a complex access system, NFT Passports helps you seamlessly mint and integrate your community’s NFTs.

Set limits

You decide if an NFT is available to the public, or only to certain wallet addresses. Perfect for private passes or other segmenting needs.

Sell memberships

Using your community to generate revenue? Sell your public NFTs by setting a mint fee, and combine membership payment and access in one transaction.

Public mint page

Have a stable link to share with your community so they can easily mint public NFTs without you needing to build or maintain your own page.

Manage NFTs

See all of your NFT Passports in one place so you can manage existing memberships and create new types.

Unbundle membership and governance

Using NFT Passports to represent membership separates membership from governance and incentive functions, allowing you to mitigate the risk of tokens until there is a clear reason to use them.

Unbundle membership from your social token