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Why Start a Cabin Neighborhood?

No more revolving door of strangers

Airbnb guests are hit or miss. Some read the description, most are just looking for a good deal. With Cabin, you'll rest assured that any residents we send your way are in it for the full experience of your property.

Intentional, like-minded communities

Cabin's motto is "Conserve, colive, create." Our community members are made up of solarpunk tech workers and nature-lovers who are trying to spend less time on their computer screens. We're excited for you to meet them!

More than guests

Our community doesn't just want a place to lay our heads. We've held build weeks to help put up saunas, blaze trails, and dig fire pits to help our caretakers develop their properties. We want a place where we can contribute to the experience and call their own. And that could be yours.

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