A decentralized city built by creators, for creators

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The vision

Today, Cabin is a place to get together IRL with your internet friends. In the future, our hope is that it becomes one node in a network of decentralized properties, owned and operated by small groups of independent online creators and entrepreneurs. The density of creative energy of San Francisco or New York, but wherever and whenever you want it to be. If you were designing a 21st century city from scratch, why would you put it all in one place?

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Reality is much higher bandwidth

The metaverse is the best place to meet people and find your tribe. But reality is much higher bandwidth. Once you’ve made connections online, we believe in coming together in person to deepen relationships and experience the liminal space and time that leads to creative breakthroughs and the best conversations.

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Texas hill country scenery

Contribute, grow, and recharge

Web3 can feel like wandering through a dark forest without a map. We are a cabin in the woods where you can stop in for a drink and a warm bed, in the metaverse and IRL. Cross paths with other creators and DAOs to share learnings, build mutual financial incentives and develop the culture of web3.

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A campfire
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Get creative work done with internet friends. Get creative work done with internet friends. Get creative work done with internet friends. Get creative work done with internet friends. Get creative work done with internet friends. Get creative work done with internet friends. 

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Tune into our community on discord to discover our mindset, culture and language.

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Bring your own perspective and knowledge to the community by holding Cabin token.

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Meet up and collaborate IRL

We believe in the power of bringing people together IRL, especially for decentralized and distributed teams. While the vast majority of a DAO's work should be accomplished via asynchronous, remote, distributed work, there is tremendous leverage in getting together face-to-face for strategic thinking, team bonding, and deep collaboration. Cabin is the DAO to help other DAOs accelerate their work by getting together IRL.

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Node 1

Creator cabins in Texas Hill Country

Explore the cabins

28-acres of private land in the Texas Hill Country about 45 minutes outside of Austin. We are located minutes away from Pedernales Falls State Park and have a seasonal creek, wildlife, and amazing stargazing on site.

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